Evolution in contained packaging

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

ACUBE is an integrated single-use containment system that typifies a clever and purposive further development of a flexible packaging unit. It complies with all customer needs relating to primary packaging as well as tertiary packaging.

Composed of two independent liner systems it stands for flexibility and robustness. The inner liner acts as product bag to protect the product from environmental impacts and vice versa. The outer liner is the reinforced protective layer that withstands mechanical stress. Because of this multiple liner construction the system is allows manual support of poor flowing product by tumbling.

Equipped with the outstanding AVAX technology it allows various material handling operations under fully contained conditions. ACUBE is available from 10L up to 400L and covers all aspects of powder, granule or tablet handling.

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Are you still cleaning or producing already?

As an option ACUBE can be delivered as an approved execution suitable for ATEX zone 1. Thanks to its cubic 3D shape complete emptying is even under non-atmospheric conditions like downstream of a tablet press (slight negative pressure) easily to realize.

In conjunction with a transport box made from cardboard ACUBE is appropriate for transportation from one facility to another. UN transportation certificate is available.

  • Integral containment system
  • Flexible but robust
  • Easy emptying of poor flowing products
  • Operation under non-atmospheric conditions
  • Primary and tertiary packaging
  • Conductive execution available


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